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With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people begin to pursue the exquisite quality of life, and the requirements for the quality of life are also higher and higher. Even the household products used in pingri's home are the best and most comfortable. In recent years, even the pillows of our pillows have been playing tricks. The "latex pillow" has become popular rapidly, and the price is not cheap. External publicity is good for people's health. However, how deep is the water of the latex pillow, do you know? Today, the insiders will come to "uncover the secrets" and tell you the little knowledge of latex pillows. If you have plans to buy latex pillows, remember not to buy them wrong!
1. Good latex pillows are not necessarily expensive
Do not go into a mistake, think that good quality latex pillow is expensive, expensive is good quality. Because in the market, the price range is very large, from more than 100 latex pillows to tens of thousands of pieces, so what price of latex pillows is to sleep at ease? We need to know that the fixed cost of latex pillow is there, and how to sell it can't be too expensive. And expensive latex pillow is nothing more than a marketing method. It takes advantage of the psychology of consumers and thinks that the expensive one is good, so you can get more, so you can get more, so you can coax up the price, which leads to the concept of "good latex pillow must be expensive".
2. Broken latex pillow = false latex pillow = synthetic latex
There are two kinds of latex pillows on the market, one is real, the other is fake. The real latex pillow is also natural latex material, while the fake one is that some black hearted businessmen sell it as natural latex, and synthetic latex is harmful to human body. Synthetic latex will be deamination. After treatment, there are a lot of formaldehyde and benzene which are toxic. The harm of substance and formaldehyde need not be mentioned. It's just carcinogenesis that makes people panic.
3. How to distinguish true from false?
There is still a certain gap between how to process and imitate the fake latex and the real latex. When the real latex smells, it will have a light milk fragrance, which is particularly good, but the taste is very light and natural. If the taste is strong, it must be artificially added milk fragrance. Another is the resilience of natural latex. The resilience of natural latex is very soft. After pressing hard, the two will return to their original state, and there will be some fine lines around the natural latex after being pressed. Finally, the color, too white latex pillow is either not natural, or add additives.
Latex pillow is really very good. It has good air permeability and resilience. It can not only protect the cervical vertebra, but also prevent mites and bacteria. So it's good for sleep to buy a latex pillow. In addition, no matter it's made in China or Thailand, as long as you polish your eyes, you can buy a good latex pillow.



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